Therapy is a process where you can explore issues that are important to you in a safe and confidential environment where you will be listened to and not be judged. Person-centred counselling/therapy specifically focuses on assisting you to find your own solutions and a deeper understanding of yourself. I will not give you advice or direct you as to what to do, but instead work with you to assist you to find your own way forward. Every individual has their own story, ways of being and understanding of the world, and therefore every individual will have their own unique way of moving forward through struggles. My role in the process is to try to understand you as an individual and see things through your own unique perspective, whilst offering support, warmth and acceptance.

I work with issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma and abuse, bereavement and loss, self-esteem, eating disorders, relationship difficulties, stress and work-related problems. I don’t work with couples, just individuals. If you are looking for couples therapy please see the Counselling Rooms website for details of some of my colleagues who offer couples therapy.

I believe that therapy and counselling can help most people to move forward in their lives, whatever the issue or problem, provided that they are willing to engage with the process and are ready to do so.

My core approach is person-centred but I do integrate other theoretical approaches including CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and mindfulness. When working with trauma I use the 3 stage trauma model (see more about this on the trauma page), which is more structured to allow for safety and avoid re-traumatisation.

I provide both short-term therapy (usually 6-12 sessions), as well as longer-term therapy, depending on a person’s needs.

Here’s a video I like about depression, which shows something of how therapy can help