Online resources

When recovering from trauma we need lots of different resources to help us cope with the symptoms, which can be sudden and feel overwhelming, and learn how to recognise and manage them. There are many useful videos and tutorials from experts, researchers and teachers available online. Mindfulness and EFT (emotional freedom technique) are two strategies that many people find effective and quite easy to learn. I’ve added links to some articles and videos that I hope are useful here:

Carolyn Spring article – making the most of therapy

Lindsey Roy TEDx talk – trauma and happiness

Brene Brown TEDtalk – vulnerability

Brene Brown TEDtalk – shame

Carolyn Spring article – managing triggers

Gary Craig video – intro to EFT

Dr Kim D’Eramo video – EFT tutorial

Tara Brach video talk and meditation – fear

Tara Brach article – the RAIN of self compassion

Tara Brach video – RAIN of self compassion meditation

Tara Brach meditation – sleep and relaxation

article by the Blurt team – perfectionism and depression