Mindfulness is a simple practice that can help us to quiet our minds and achieve a state of calm. It can be particularly helpful in managing anxiety and depression. There are many ways of learning mindfulness; via online resources such as Headspace, by attending a local mindfulness class or simply trying it on your own. It is being used more and more in different clinical settings and research supports its efficacy in promoting good mental health.

Some mindfulness resources:

Lollipop Wellbeing Mindfulness classes in Didsbury, South Manchester (paid)

Samatha Buddhist meditation meditation classes in Chorlton, (free but donations welcome)

Salford Mind mindfulness course (free for people on low incomes who live in Salford)

Breathworks, mindfulness training and classes in central Manchester (paid)

Manchester Buddhist Centre classes and courses in meditation (paid)

The Free Mindfulness Project an online resource offering free to use mindfulness exercises

Headspace an online resource teaching mindfulness. Has a free 10 day introductory program, after which you have to subscribe to get more content.

Palouse Mindfulness – a free online resource teaching mindfulness-based stress reduction. A good option if you cannot afford to attend a class.

This video from Headspace offers a simple one minute exercise to let go of stress and find a moment of calm.